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Your First Visit

We invite new patients to have a courtesy consultation and neurological stress evaluation of the nervous system to see if you qualify for our care. If after our curtsey evaluation and brief stress evaluation you are inspired to regain your quality of life, at that point, we would enter into a four part comprehensive evaluation:

  1. In additional to your primary complaints, we’ll perform a historical review of health, family, work, environment, activities, diet and exercise, emotional and stress actors and more.
  2. Neuro-spinal stress x-rays reveal the basis of nerve interference created by the health robbing subluxation complex.
  3. Advanced neurological / brain based evaluation
  4. Report of findings which include health education to create the context for restoration to a pain-free life. At this point you’re have an understanding of your own personal options in order to:
  • Attenuate (get rid of) your pain and/or associated dysfunction.
  • Correct the underlying causes
  • Stability your neuro-spinal system to create a “margin” for real health
  • Education program and “stuff that works” nutrition and exercises

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