About Us

Established nearly three decades ago

Established in 1982, for the purpose of expanding awareness of our nervous system (brain and spinal cord) as the primary system that enhances our body’s ability to heal and recover, we have evolved into a center of advanced and accelerated healthcare. We’re one of the largest Chiropractic offices in the Twin Cities and one of the few chiropractic brain-based neurology clinics in the country. We're conveniently located between Uptown and Downtown Minneapolis and have a full staff of Board Certified Chiropractors to care for your needs.

Kenwood Chriropratic Clinic

Integration of science and art

Our logo is the Japanese symbol for integration. We use this symbol to represent Kenwood Chiropractic Arts’ traditional chiropractic methods combined with modern and scientific approaches to holistic, neurological and acupuncture treatments.

Chiropractic Science

There are exact methods to measure the efficiency of your brain, nervous system balance, muscles, senses and organs.

Chiropractic Art

Like all of human existence, timing and coordination determine the result of any planned health care. This mean how to do treatment, when to do treatment and at what frequency.

At Kenwood Chiropractic Arts, it is the science of chiropractic that adjusts the spine and the art of healing that enhances your quality of life.